Media Multiplatforming & A History of the World in 100 Objects

Photos from Packaging the Past for the Media Conference 

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Packaging the Past for the Media: Communicating across museums, television, radio and the internet in a multi-platform era.

IPUP, University of York

19th May 2010, half-day conference

IPUP has organized a conference with its media and heritage partners to discuss and understand recent trends in the dissemination of the past in the public sphere, and most especially the rise of ‘multi-platform’ collaborative ventures: museums and galleries partnering with television and radio broadcasters, programme-makers publishing ancillary products in books and on the web, and collaborations between heritage practitioners and commissioning editors to mark significant heritage anniversaries. This landscape of partnership and synergistic research is one that academics need to understand and participate in, if their projects are going to continue to have an impact on the wider public realm. The one-day conference will address these issues, understanding such collaborative ventures as a means of increasing and diversifying audiences for the past’s stories, and the discussing the alignment of more traditional expressions of history and heritage (such as publishing and exhibitions) with partners in newer media. The day’s sessions will conclude with a panel considering the future of these symbiotic relationships, and examine how academics, funders, and publishers can continue to develop a meaningful engagement with, and impact on, contemporary society.

The conference is sponsored by York Museums Trust and The Department of Archaeology, University of York.


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