Cambs Collection Research

Helen Weinstein has conducted research looking at the materials in the Cambridgeshire Collection, located on the top floor of the library located in Cambridge city centre at the Grand Arcade.

From the shop at Historyworks it has been possible to go through the census and start to organize the records street by street so that we can find out the names and occupations of those living in the houses from the few that were already built in 1871 up to 1891 when most of the houses and businesses had been built.  There are tricky parts of this to navigate, such as the scratchy handwriting of the officials and the not always consistent numbering systems, with an official often walking down one side of a street and ducking down a side street along the way, so it is hard to figure things out house by house. But super useful for this project is to start with the maps of the area, and we are looking forward to the new archive opening at Ely, so that we can have a very detailed map of the residents, showing plot by plot to go with the Land Tax mapped out and collected 1910/1911.



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