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Historyworks invites YOU to join in our FREE community singing sessions for'The Railway Singers' when we have two Sunday afternoons in November when we will be offering FREE workshops for people to join us to learn the railway songs and actions.  You don't need to consider yourself a singer to join in!!

We especially encourage families to come along, and the primary children have already learnt many of the songs and actions, and they can therefore help the adults learn too! Do come along:

Sunday 19th November 2pm to 4pm at St Philip's Church at 185 Mill Road

Sunday 26th November 2pm to 4pm at Radegund Hall, Coleridge Community College, Radegund Road

Helen Weinstein will show pictures of the Mill Road area and link the history to the railway song lyrics, and we have a fantastic team of teachers: Mario Satchwell, Bethany Kirby, Tizzy Faller, Rebecca Powell for singing and actions.

They will teach us the rounds and folk tunes and gospel numbers, and all the words will be up on big screens to make it easy to join in!   Children from the local primary schools have already learnt most of the songs and we hope that they will join us with their families in big numbers on the Sunday afternoons, which will also help the children to rehearse and to remember all the actions and learn some new ones in readiness for us to all perform together at St Philip's Church for the Concert at the Mill Road Winter Fair on the morning of Saturday 2nd December! 

Big treats for the primary school singers have been the workshops and singing assemblies in schools when we have had our new songs written especially to celebrate our Victorian railway history,  by the famous wordsmiths,  the poet Michael Rosen, and the CBBC's Horrible Histories songwriter Dave Cohen.  The favourite new songs which the primary children are learning, are the musical arrangements of  'Hand on the Bridge' and 'Cambridge Railway Excursions' by Michael Rosen. And they are ecstatic about the action song written about the Mill Road Railway Workers, composed by Dave Cohen with the choreography by Rebecca Powell, of Stagecoach School in Cambridge!

Note, on the date of the Mill Road Winter Fair we will be INSIDE at St Philip's Church, which has plenty of space for families, where we will be rehearsing at 10am to 10.45am and then will have a refreshment break before we perform at 11am to 12 noon.  The concert is designed to be very participatory, with the words up on the big screens, so it will be easy for the audience to add their voices too. We will NOT be parading afterwards to the corner of Cavendish Road because the new sculpture will now be unveiled in the Spring rather than on the day of the Winter Fair, so we will save this treat for 2018 to sing at the Romsey R!!


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Sunday Sessions for Community Singing


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