Participate in HMD

Please join in our online events by contributing to the community commemoration.  You can help in many ways, and we invite you to participate!  

1. Light a candle and take a photograph for the civic event.  Send us your photo so we can make an artwork of candle pictures to share with everyone. Submit your photo by Monday 31st May if you want it to appear on our giant candle screen we are preparing to mark International Refugee Week in June, but if you've time to take a photo of your face in the background cradling in the palm of your hand a tea candle or other small candle in the foreground for us to use for HMD when we'll launch the project please send to us by midnight on Monday 25th January if you want to include it alongside Michael Rosen's Candle HERE.

2. Draw a picture saying 'Hope' and send us a copy to display in our online exhibition, then stick your picture up in your window to share it with your neighbours. Same as above that we'll make a giant online exhibition for International Refugee Week for June, for which you'll need to submit by May 31st, but we will launch on Holocaust Memorial Sunday civic ceremony with Michael Rosen on January 31st to illustrate his new poem called HOPE, so for that please send to us by midnight on Monday 25th January Send to our exhibition dropbox HERE.

3. Write a poem on the theme 'Voices of Hope' to share with us, and your school, faith group, book group, community website.  Sumbit to our exhibition dropbox HERE

4. Join our virtual choir for 'We Are One World' by reading our instructions & using our video teaching the song and laying down a performance track, recording your voice singing a part, then submit your recording to our virtual choir dropbox HERE.

5. Donating to our fundraiser.  All of these activities are to help us commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and to raise money for those who are refugees or who do no have a home, so our fundraiser of making onlline exhibitions of photographs, pictures, poems, and our virtual choir, will run from Holocaust Memorial Day until International Refugee Week.  So you can join in at any time, and donate at any time HERE!


Participate in HMD


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