Keeping Clean: The Surprising History of Everyday Hygiene

Wednesday 25th February

7.30pm – 9.00pm Talk & Book-Signing

Heffers Book Shop,
20 Trinity Street,
City Centre,
Cambridge CB2 1TY

Greg Jenner in Conversation with Professor Helen Weinstein


In celebration of Thomas Hobson’s Conduit, that brought fresh water to Cambridge, join Greg Jenner – Historical Consultant to CBBC’s Horrible Histories, and author of the new book A Million Years In A Day: A Curious History of Everyday Life – as he discusses the surprising history of personal hygiene and public sanitation.

In conversation with Professor Helen Weinstein, Greg will explore the toilet habits of rich and poor: from Bronze Age plumbing, to Tudor England’s first flushing loo, all the way to Thomas Crapper’s famous washout closets. He’ll also explain the strange story of how bathing fell out of fashion; first with the rise of Christianity in Late Antiquity, and then with the burgeoning science of the 17th century (when Francis Bacon so feared bathing in water he devised a bizarre 26 hour-long safety bath). We’ll also hear about the history of soap, deodorant, toilet paper and toothpaste in what will be a light-hearted but stimulating evening.  Concession rate for those who #tweet event!

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+">eventbrite The talk will be at Heffer's from 7.30pm to 8.30pm including Q&A ending with book signing of Greg's fab new book #AMillionYearsInADay - after talk party plan is to go to the pub for further conversation for those who have the time, inclination, and are over age!

Sponsored by Heffers Book Shop & Historyworks

Keeping Clean: The Surprising History of Everyday Hygiene


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