Holocaust Education & Resources

This year for Holocaust Education in Schools we are making and sharing a range of resources to support teachers and school students, both those learning in the classroom and those at home.  We understand that it is a very varied experience with some school pupils at school and others learning remotely at home, with a variety of experiences, some enjoying having time and digital devices to read more and get creative.  

On these pages you'll find tabs to the right with a variety of films of Michael 'in conversation' sharing his story in the 'Missing' and also top tips on how to write createively.  All these films and worksheets are provided to support primary KS2 teachers and students learning about the Holocaust and writing poetry and song lyrics in response; plus secondary teachers and students learning about the Holocaust in History; studying the 'Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' in English; and responding to the witness testimony in Drama, Art, Dance, Music, PSHE.  

Please freely use these resources produced by HistoryWorks, because many new poems have been recorded and filmed interviews with Michael Rosen and Eva Clarke to support school teacher and students for home and school learning,  quickly made in 2020 and 2021, so do please use these not just around Holocaust Memorial Day, but for PSHE and English and History and Drama and Music year-round to inspire students to be creative.  

We aim to also produce an event on behalf of Cambridge City Council across schools to mark International Refugee Week in June 2021 when there will be an opportunity for students to showcase work with Helen Weinstein and Michael Rosen, made between now and then. We plan exhibitions and a big online arts show to be a fundraiser for Cambridge charities supporting Refugees and people experiencing homelessness.  So we ask students to please use our safe Dropbox at Historyworks to share the artworks HERE or if you are unable to access Dropbox ask teachers submit work directly via email to Historyworkstv@gmail.com



Holocaust Education & Resources


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