Edible England Festival

HistoryWorks has been supporting pocket parks in Cambridge for over a decade.  The most local are wildflower areas which are adjacent and opposite our HistoryWorks shop & studio in Sturton Town.

This year we are going up a notch with HistoryWorks organizing for our neighbourhood participating in the 'Edible England' Festival for Open Cambridge.  For this we plan a Street Party this Autumn with residents encouraged to have planters on window sills and by doorways to grow edibles for humans and also to encourage bees & other mini-beasts.

We've been building veg boxes and planters to share with neighbours, with lovely teens donating their time as part of their DoE or IBAC community service hours, plus residents helping with painting and building edging and veg boxes for the pocket parks.  


We hope to be allowed to have everyone bring along drinks and platters of food to share from around the world like last time for a Street Party this Autumn, covid regulations permitting! Our theme is EDIBLE ENGLAND so we've been plannig ahead hoping folk will decorate doorways and front gardens and front window sills growing edibles for humans (like herbs and chilis, beans and tomatoes) and/or to plant flowers for bees and other mini-beasts we want to encourage to our streets & gardens.  If you don’t have space for a window box or planter, please just add your donation of a flower or a herb or veg to one of the pocket parks recently renovated opposite and adjacent to HistoryWorks at Number 79. See:

Edible England Festival


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