HMD 2019 Torn From Home

Historyworks will be organizing the civic event for Cambridge to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January 2019 and providing an accompanying series of educational workshops in schools and events for the public.

 We are very pleased to know that 'Torn from Home' is the theme for marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.   Scope of theme:

  • The meaning of home before genocide
    a) What makes a home?
    b) Fleeing from home before genocide
  • Torn from home during genocide
    a) Forced from home
    b) Finding an alternative home
    c) Making a home a refuge
  • A home after genocide
    a) Returning home
    b) No home to return to
    c) An empty home
    d) Making others feel at home
In Cambridge we will have a particular focus on marking the 25th anniversary in 2019 of the Rwandan Genocide, but the drama and music performances do not have to be Rwandan, so if you or your colleagues have recommendations that will be super helpful to be in touch with the Director of Historyworks, Helen Weinstein, to let her know your ideas for talks, dramas, musical perfrmances, and to contact Helen on:

You can download a copy of the 2019 PROGRAMME OF EVENTS HERE

You can listen to all the speeches and performances from the 2019 event HERE

For futher details on EVENTS visit our CreatingMyCambridge Website

To find out more, please use the link to the national commemoration organization, funded by government, at the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, HMDT:

HMD 2019 Torn From Home


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