Historyworks delivers top quality media products for museums, galleries, archives, libraries, community groups, academics, schools, colleges, universities, radio and television companies.

Historyworks supports the practice and theory of Public History in the UK by promoting education programmes and partnerships. Historyworks bridges the gap between knowledge and public engagement with creativity and impact. Explore our recent World War One (WW1) History Trail of York HERE.


Historyworks produces made-to-measure documentary films, radio programmes, podcasts, vodcasts, stills, sound installations, websites, apps, radio and tv tasters and show reels.

Historyworks is leading an inspirational public art project to share historical sources about Cambridge's people and places featuring the poet Michael Rosen alongside composers, rappers, singers, photographers, sound installation artists, illustrators, story tellers, and film makers, curated @ Creating My Cambridge


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Recent projects

Projects: Creating My Cambridge

Creating My Cambridge

'Creating My Cambridge' is a public art project designed and delivered by Historyworks to share ... » more

Projects: Cambridge WW2 Commemoration

Cambridge WW2 Commemoration

Between Spring and Autumn 2020, we've been marking 75 years since the end of World ... » more

Projects: Victorian Cambridge & the Building of Sturton Town

Victorian Cambridge & the Building of Sturton Town

Film produced by HistoryWorks called ‘Sturton Town in Victorian Times’  Helen Weinstein has been researching ... » more

Projects: Cambridge Civic Event for HMD 2020

Cambridge Civic Event for HMD 2020

Helen Weinstein is the Artistic Director commissioned by Cambridge City Council for the marking of ... » more